rubens_rape1LOS ANGELES—I can’t write about Manwin anywhere else, so I guess I’ll have to do it here. But I’ll still need to be careful, just like I still need to be careful about the bad guys at ICM Registry. These

people are truly ruthless, so until I am no longer so vulnerable caution is advised. Still…

You can’t make this stuff up. I am talking about just a few sentences from a CNBC article that in general is pretty awful, but truly goes off the rails in its assessment of Manwin, courtesy of Chris Morris:

“The company arguably making the most of big data in porn is Manwin, which owns the vast majority of the online porn sites, including the Brazzers and RealityKings collection of websites as well as several adult “tube” sites, Digital Playground and Playboy TV.

“Manwin has all of the data that can be collected from those—its sites are estimated to receive 16 billion visitors per month. The company also had a background in technology before it started getting into porn.”

This is an NBC News property, keep in mind, so there is no excuse for such shoddy reporting. To say Manwin owns “the vast majority of the online porn sites” is simply insane. To say the company had any background before getting into porn is also nuts. The company did not exist before Mansef was bought and turned into Manwin by… well, that’s another story altogether.

To definitely be continued…