VAN NUYS—Here in a nut shell is the situation that faces many if not most adult webmasters today. All I am going to do below is copy-paste one post from a GFY thread started by Mister Peabody about his perspective on tube sites and his ability to make enough money to survive, or as he put it, “I am not dying… yet.” His explanation includes a mention of the due diligence necessary to police the same sites that send him traffic to search for his own stolen content. That cat-and-mouse game is part and parcel of today’s adult online business model.

In other words, the model is based on the fact that massive amounts of traffic are attracted to these huge sites by the promise and delivery of free, stolen content, but then a small percentage is siphoned off for actual sales. That model is nothing new for adult, to be sure, but neither can (or should) anyone singing its praises deny that the scheme is built on the anticipation and delivery of free content.

I’m just sayin.’

The Mister Peabody post is #32 here:

“If you accept and realize much of what is being said here in this thread then, believe it or fuck off if you don’t, but there’s a way to make money via the tubes. You have to be smart in what you submit, be diligent about removing pirated content, and working hard on maximizing what traffic does hit your paysite, but sales are still possible. Comparing these current sales to sales I MAY HAVE made six years ago is complete foolishness.

“L-Pink, Robbie and others who have been around since the “glory days” of Internet porn have the perspective of what they USED TO earn, pre-tubes. I have no such perspective, having started PeabodyCash in 2009. All I can do is adapt to the NOW, to what is current and realistic NOW, not what WAS 6-10 years ago. So, being anything but an idiot, I am “adapting” and I am not dying – yet. Will I? Fuck, everybody dies. I do not expect or want to be a pornographer 5 years from now. LOL

“So hate away, but I know my own content and how to market it, and tubes are a good way to advertise my various brands. Type-ins alone are worth it! Literally (no bullshit now) hundreds of millions of people have seen some of my website’s content over these past four years thanks to Tubes so YOU tell ME where a little nobody like me can get that kind of exposure? Nowhere, that’s where.

“I don’t whine about the past, I deal with the NOW – and the future.”

And it bothers me that Manwin has yet another advantage because it decides to flaunt 2257. Yeah, it really does bother me that such an uneven playing field exists.