Welcome, Saints and Sinners! The Daily Babylon is nothing if not an equal-opportunity blasphemer!

After years spent slaving in the shadows of sin for the benefit of others, Tom Hymes and Kathee Brewer have finally hand-blown The Daily Babylon into existence. We cover the industries that bring shame to those with self-respect and topics that polite media blithely dismiss until the sweeps force their hand. We count among
our friends and colleagues pornographers and pimps as well as playwrights and poets, and still spend our days exploring the shifting line between profanity and art. Here, we will rarely sell our smithy souls for filthy lucre.

What we are not:

  • We’re NOT a start-up. We’ve just segued.
  • We’re NOT a porn site, though we have been known to associate with performers and “entrepreneurs.”
  • We’re NOT anti-religious, though we might as well be since we’re apparently going to hell anyway.
  • We do NOT believe in the End Times, but we haven’t read the books so we don’t really know.
  • We’re NOT the media elite. No offense, Arianna, Tina, but we’re hacks, we know it, we’re not going away.

What we are:

  • We ARE, like we said, dedicated writers with years of blood in print, sweat in person and tears online.
  • We ARE passionate supporters of individual rights and freedom of speech. (Oh God, did we just say that?)
  • We ARE chronclers of the shadowy corners and dark places of society, culture, politics… and your soul.
  • We ARE beaucoup business friendly but believe free markets without regulatory frameworks may be a sin.
  • We ARE dedicated to the fantasy that an independent Fourth Estate is essential to a vibrant democracy.

Who we are:

  • Kathee Brewer (Managing Editor/Geek Extraordinaire) kathee@dailybabylon.com
  • Tom Hymes (Publisher/Resident Mr. Potato Head) tom@dailybabylon.com

Where and how to reach us:

Interested parties may submit a message internally, or use one of the following, more targeted, email addresses:

  • For all media inquiries and press release submissions, please use pr@dailybabylon.com
  • For all questions regarding editorial or content, please use editor@dailybabylon.com
  • To inquire about advertising, please use advertise@dailybabylon.com
  • For general inquiries, please use info@dailybabylon.com
  • To suggest a Whore of Babylon candidate, make it good and please use whore@dailybabylon.com