alg_murder_jasmine-fioreVANCOUVER –  The thought occured just last night  that Ryan Jenkins, the suspect in the murder and mutilation of his ex-wife model Jasmine Fiore, would most certainly not be long for this world and would probably die by his own hand within the week.

In fact, that all too obvious prognostication was borne out late Sunday when police confirmed that Jenkins’  body had been found in Western Canada.

Thoughout the weekend, reports had been circulating and sometimes published that there had been sightings of the fugitive. reported that a suspect had been arrested at the Toronto airport, though the story has apparently been removed from the site. Dog the Bounty Hunter was even ready to join the manhunt.

All that craziness now comes to a halt with the discovery that the Victoria-born fugitive apparently hanged himself in a motel room in Hope.