Lucas Entertainment's 'Men of Israel'NEW YORK – Lucas Entertainment has launched, a companion website for the studio’s upcoming feature, Men of Israel. The site features Michael Lucas’ production blog, behind-the-scenes video clips and images, and profiles of and image galleries featuring the cast.

“Men of Israel is my most personal and important project to date,” Executive Producer and Lucas Entertainment President and Chief Executive Officer Lucas said. “I travel to Israel at least twice every year, and I knew Israel would provide a group of gorgeous newcomers and breathtaking vistas to film in. This is an important film not only for our industry, but also for Israel itself.”

Judging by the amount of mainstream publicity the project has generated, Lucas may be correct. Men of Israel has received coverage on and and in The Atlantic, HX and Out. Articles also have appeared in Israeli publications like Time Out Tel Aviv, GoGay, and Yedioth Ahronoth, one of the country’s most widely distributed newspapers. (NSFW) will be updated continuously over the coming months with hardcore action stills, trailers and more, Lucas said. Scenes from Men of Israel also will be released on (NSFW) beginning July 6. The film will make its DVD debut in a two-disc Special Edition featuring five hardcore sex scenes starring Jonathan Agassi, Matan Shalev, Avi Dar, Naor Tal, Ninrod Gonen, Morr-Fox and Guy Ronen. Special features include limited-edition packaging, behind-the-scenes featurettes, cast interviews and trailers.

The DVD is scheduled to begin shipping July 22.