VAN NUYS—There is so much I want to write, not only about the things said about me, but about the law, the prosecution of the case and the process we went through. But I confess that I also have quite a few observations to make about my role in the case, as soon as Judge Baylson issues his ruling, that is.

Though let me just say that I am not surprised by the standing focus, because it was all they had in court as well. Nothing but trying to argue that I did not belong there. I have a few things to say about that, and I also have a few comments on the substance of their argument… but later.

You know, it’s tough. I’m not 100 percent or near to it, I’m back working full-time, the shows are ratcheting up, my foot still swells like a blowfish, and with no money to speak of and a car I can’t drive I’m like everyone else, trying to keep all the pieces juggling, So I really don’t need intent ascribed to me that is inconsistent with what I have said time and again. But we will save that for when Judge Baylson, who I really did like, has rendered his opinion.

In the meantime, I have the post-trial motions to read through, which I will start tonight and oddly enough am looking forward to with a kind of sickly anticipation. I’ve already read Mark Kernes’ articles about both sides motions’, so it will be like reading te book after first reading the reviewws, only I’m a part of it. That’s where the sickly part comes in.