Bruno BondSAN FRANCISCO – Among major U.S. metropolitan areas, Houston has the largest percentage of bottoms and New York has the most tops, according to a recent survey by The Sword, a behind-the-scenes gay adult industry blog owned and operated by video-on-demand provider NakedSword.

The Sword Editor Michael Stabile arrived at the conclusion by studying hundreds of Craigslist personal ads in 10 cities, collecting data on M4M ads posted by self-described tops and bottoms.

“The results, if not entirely scientific, were nonetheless fascinating,” he said.

The ads indicated nearly three-quarters of Houston’s M4M posters were bottoms seeking tops. Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles also seemed bottom-heavy, with 69 percent, 63 percent and 61 percent, respectively, of the ads seeking tops.

The city with most tops seeking bottoms, at 54 percent, was New York. Atlanta and Washington, D.C., also ranked right up there with 52 percent each. Seattle, Boston and Chicago likewise had slightly more ads seeking bottoms than tops.

The Sword’s survey results and analysis may be found here.

(Image: Raging Stallion Studios exclusive Bruno Bond.)