SemperFuckYUCCA VALLEY, Calif. – Porno Joe’s MWR Productions has launched, a site Joe described as “hot, straight marines having sex with girls, but for a gay audience.”

He said the site offers “casual, home-video-style movies” of his Marine buddies in hardcore action. The downloadable, DRM-free Quicktime and Windows Media files have a “personal, authentic look.” In addition, SemperFuck provides an online theater in which 32 new full-length DVDs stream each month. The majority of titles are gay, but some straight products that may appeal to a gay audience — like big dicks and gangbangs — are included.

“The ‘straight sex for gay men; niche has been explored before, but SemperFuck breaks new ground by combining it with ‘straight military’ and ‘reality’ themes for a hot straight-men trifecta,” Joe said.

The name SemperFuck was suggested to Joe by a Marine in a local bar late one night.

“As soon as I heard it, that was it,” Joe said. “I’ve been looking forward to making a site worthy of the name ever since. As the site grows more successful, I’ll be able to add even hotter scenes. My goal is to feature a lot of gangbangs and [double penetration]. I can’t wait.”

SemperFuck is not Joe’s first foray into gay military porn. He also created, which was bought last year by founder Dink Flamingo.

“It’s been a real honor working with Dink to expand the boundaries of the military niche,” Joe said. “His work on Active Duty was the reason I started doing porn in the first place. Luckily for me he is broad-minded enough to realize what I was doing was complimentary, not competition.”

In fact, Flamingo provided several personal videos for SemperFuck, and Joe said more cross-site releases are planned.

An affiliate program, SemperCash, pays affiliates 50-percent lifetime commissions handled through CCBill. Joe said the program is willing to create custom marketing materials upon request.

“If you have traffic that is looking for straight men, give SemperFuck a try,” Joe urged. “Surfers are looking for something new and different, and SemperFuck may be just what they’re looking for.”

Joe also plans to release DVDs of SemperFuck’s content.