palincrackhoHOUSTON, TX. – Perhaps if Sarah Palin read more, she would know that redirecting a webpage to another website is not a violation of copyright law.

Still, though her confusion as well as that of the acting attorney general of Alaska, Richard A. Svobodny, regarding what constitutes copyright infringement, is profound, they have succeeded in intimidating the owner of, who had previously redirected the site to the governor’s official website, into removing the redirect.

The owner, Houston-based DJ Shu Latif, obtained the site years ago but decided in 2008, after Palin had secured the Vice-Presidential nomination, to redirect it to Palin’s site. No one noticed until ealier this month, when a letter was sent to Latif demanding that she remove the redirect.

The letter referes to the redirect as a hijacking, and asserts that “Alaska law prohibits the use of the official seal of the State of Alaska without permission.”

The seal never left the state’s website, however, and was never “used” by Latif.

The new, which sports the graphic above, makes mention of the mini-feud and now contains a actual link to the aformentioned official site. Latif also has thoughtfully added a banner to Palin’s political action committee, where Sarah lovers can join the cause and donate money.

Latif, a photographer, has a new less-controversial website where she exhibits her work. She also does monthly dance parties.

While it was never her intention to once again embarrass the Palin brain trust over its collective ignorance of intellectual property, Latif has, nonetheless, done just that.