Shock Treatment is sex as rough as it getsSAN FRANCISCO – Get roped into the action as muscles twitch, skin quivers and bodies writhe in Shock Treatment, the first release in TitanMen’s new Rough line. According to the studio, the movie “provides an intense look at a rarely seen niche of the BDSM world.”

Shock Treatment depicts authentic BDSM and fetish sex — particularly gay electro-sex play — and the studio was careful to tender a warning that the scenes may be too intense for some viewers.

“These are not actors, but experienced BDSM players doing what they love to do,” a TitanMen spokesman said. “This is hardcore extreme sex at its most raw and realistic.”

Element, TitanMen exclusive Tony Buff, Mitch Colby, Derek da Silva, Andreas Cavalli and Adam Knox star. Buff co-directed with Paul Wilde.

The DVD of Shock Treatment went on sale June 16 at (NSFW). Among the extras are three enlightening interviews in which Buff discusses the importance of safe and consensual BDSM play with da Silva, Element and Cavalli. Also included is a trailer for another extreme title, Fist and Piss, and a look at TitanMen Tools and Lube.