Erotic Airways groundedBRISBANE, Australia – We can now declare the global economic downturn a bona-fide depression: Erotic Airways, the three-year-old airline formed expressly for the purpose of providing the adventurous a lift into the exclusive ranks of Mile High Club members, has mothballed its sole plane due to economic hard times.

The brainchild of commercial pilot Craig Justo, Erotic Airways debuted in 2006 to orgasmic applause and significant profits. The Beech H-18S twin turboprop, equipped with “satin sheets, champagne, strawberries, flowers” and a double bed ferried couples and threesomes to 40- or 60-minute flights of bliss among the clouds. Upon their return to Earth, customers received a certificate to consummate of their experience.

According to the company, more than 100 groups “earned their wings” over Australia’s east coast before the recession forced suspension of service. Justo said he expects the plane to remain in its hangar for about six months before things pick up again.

He also said most of the flights were gifts for special celebrations.

“Most couples are celebrating anniversaries or birthdays,” he told Earth Times. “That’s the bulk of the business.”

Most customers opted for the longer flight, in order not to feel “rushed.” As for special requests, Justo said, “What most people ask for is a bit of extra turbulence.”