seinfeldxxxCHATSWORTH, Calif.—In just the past month two of the largest (remaining) adult studios announced their Fall, Winter and, in one case, 2010 lineup of parody productions. The land rush is on and about to get really serious. Expect other studios to fall in line, pronto. There is a limited amount of territory remaining to be staked out and planting a flag in the ground is exactly what those recent, and any future, announcements is all about.

New Sensations was first, with an early September press release announcing that Cheers—A XXX Parody and True Blood—A XXX Parody were in pre-production for September shoots, with Buffy the Vampire Slayer—A XXX Parody and Lost—A XXX Parody following closely in October. The company is also currently promoting 70’s Show—A XXX Parody, which will street Sept. 21, followed by the big-budget The Sex Files: A XXX Parody Sept. 30.

A week later, Hustler released a press release announcing its parody lineup, but now announcing productions planned for 2010, including This Ain’t Laverne & Shirley XXX, This Ain’t Charmed XXX, This Ain’t MacGuyver XXX, This Ain’t TJ Hooker XXX and This Ain’t Fantasy Island XXX. 2009 Hustler parodies yet to be released include This Ain’t Happy Days XXX and This Ain’t Beverly Hills 90210 XXX.

A quick perusal of the titles makes it pretty clear that while these adult studios at least feel safer mining the older shows—a direct appeal to baby boomers?—they seem increasingly willing to venturing into contemporary terrain, assuming the desirable demographic comes along for the ride. That tells me that it’s only a matter if time before all the good parody shows are taken (“tag, it’s mine.”) and producers start looking to upcoming shows.

This leaves an obvious opportunity for mainstream producers with shows in the pipeline, as well as for agencies and agents looking to further package their projects while adding an increasingly acceptable revenue stream—with legs— to their deals. And, frankly, who wouldn’t want to have a little bit of control over casting in a porn parody, not to mention a cut of the sex to—I mean, sexual health aid, after-market business. There is touring potential, too, but maybe that’s asking too much.

Writers should be looking to the future, too. There are I daresay few ideas and scripts that survive through to production, and beyond, that may not one day become fodder for porn’s uniquely transforming powers. And why not contractually retain the rights to those translations as well? Or at least try.

Point is, there’s definitely a little bit of gold in them there parodies, but maybe there’s far more potential than the current manufacturers can even imagine. Frankly, I believe mainstream Hollywood is missing a huge opportunity right now, as in right now, by not rolling out some well-produced porn parody prequels. Now that would be easy to hook up and every late night comedian on TV would take to it like raw meat. Guaranteed eyeballs; very little downside.