LOS ANGELES—It has not been a good week at all. I try my best to let things go, to focus on the good, but the only way for me to do that when my *** has been rendered meaningless is to chip away at my own expectations; basically, to not care anymore. That’s not easy for me because I’m wired to care, but the die is cast. There is no longer any doubt that we will not be allowed to *** about anything ********. Any hopes for a different scenario have been dashed.

So ***** should I ** now? Since I can’t **** where such naked ********** exists. I have no choice but to *****, as difficult as that will be. So my decision has already been made for me. But I can guarantee you this. I will not go quietly into the good night, but rail against the dying of the light.

What I augured would come to pass has; there is no longer any pretense anymore. I know this is maddeningly vague. I don’t mean to imply nefarious intent. I just need to aimlessly vent.