Mustang exclusive Samuel ColtSAN FRANCISCO – Falcon Entertainment’s Mustang division has signed its first new exclusive contract performer in nearly three years. Samuel Colt mustered in at Mustang just days after placing fifth in the 2009 International Mr. Leather competition in Chicago.

Colt also holds the titles Mr. San Francisco Leather 2009 and Mr. Powerhouse.

Colt is a former U.S. Army reservist, where he served as a combat medic for eight years. In addition, he is a competitive bodybuilder, an avid motorcycle enthusiast and works with the Service Member’s Legal Defense Network, the Stop AIDS Project – Teach Me Kink, Project OpenHand, and a crystal meth abuse prevention and recovery program.

Falcon (NSFW) directors Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo said they were determined to make Colt part of the Mustang team after Colt completed his debut performance in Green Door.

“Shortly after being on-set we realized Samuel was a triple-threat,” Cruz said. “He has a natural charismatic presence, a powerful body and he’s a sexual dynamo on camera.”

Added Gobo, “You don’t often find a brand-new performer who has all these attributes, so we were determined to get him signed. We couldn’t be more proud of Mustang’s first exclusive in three years.”

Green Door is scheduled to bow Aug. 4, at about the same time Colt is revealed in a photo spread on the pages of the August issue of Men magazine (NSFW).