VAN NUYS — I was faced with a no-win situation. I could either keep this site on the Joomla platform or live with its increasing vulnerabilities, including having it go offline for days at a time due to massive and nefarious incursions, or I could move it to a more secure WordPress platform and maybe lose a lot of content.

Obviously, I am choosing the latter. After talking with a friend who also happens to let me hitch a ride on one of his servers, it became apparent that my options were few and far between.

He had just spoken with the tech who had rebuilt Daily Babylon’s database following the most recent attack, and after assessing the situation they both came to the same conclusion. Joomla sucks. Move or eventually perish.

So I am looking through WordPress themes now and will begin the transition imminently. I’ve been talking about doing this but for some reason the time has come. Daily Babylon may not be the same project it was five or six years ago when Kathee and I first imagined it and then made it, but it still lives inside of me as something deserving of my time.

I am still insanely busy working as a senior editor at AVN. Actually, I have only just returned to work after my accident December 28, which has interrupted my life in a way that few things do. More about that later. I am going to post up as much as I can before, during and after the transition to WordPress, and the more I think about it the more excited I get.