GasBurneWebLONDON – Brits’ favorite spot for spicing up their sex lives is the kitchen, a new survey from interior-design website has revealed.

The kitchen counter took top billing among the 10 favorite outside-the-bedroom locations for getting frisky. The living-room carpet came in a close second.

Even the lowly garden shed got a mention, showing up at No. 10.

The survey solicited user input about the unusual ways people use furnishings in every room of their homes. Sex, of course, was a popular topic.

More than one in five Brits gets saucy in the kitchen, users revealed, and 17 percent like the living-room carpet for a change of pace. Other popular spots include sofas, showers, dining or kitchen tables, washing machines, stairs, wardrobes or closets and the bathroom.

“We’ve noticed recently that luxury carpets are having a revival and replacing wooden floors — so maybe passion is driving this change,” MyDeco’s Michelle Saxby said.

All that sexual activity in spots not designed for it comes with a price, the survey also revealed. One-third of respondents admitted having broken drinking glasses while romping, 11 percent said their tables couldn’t withstand the heat of passion and nine percent confessed chairs didn’t hold up to their expectations.