Trees_logoVAN NUYS, Calif. – Gay adult studio Male Spectrum announced today that it has made an Earth-Day-inspired donation to the organization Trees for the Future (, a tree-planting charity that has assisted in the planting of over 50 million trees since it was first established over 20 years ago.

Lea Busick, Subscription Site and Affiliate Program Director for Male Spectrum, said that the donation, the amount of which was not disclosed, is part of a continuing effort on the part of the company to be a “good global citizen.”

“Last month, we made a donation to the Human Rights Campaign in support of GLBT marriage rights, and this month we’re making a contribution that will make it possible for Trees for the Future to plant thousands of trees,” Busick said. “We made these donations for many reasons, the primary one being that we strongly believe in the mission of both organizations, but the opportunity to demonstrate that a gay porn company can make a positive contribution to the community is a welcome side-effect, no question.”

Whereas Male Spectrum’s ‘sister brand’ Pink Visual is deriving the funds for its environmentally-friendly charitable donations from sales of its “Plant Your Wood” DVD line, MaleSpectrum’s donations stem from its successful line of subscription sites, including its flagship mobile site, (

“The donation to Trees for the Future is part of a larger effort on our part to become a ‘greener’ company,” said Male Spectrum’s Brand and Product Manager, Kim Kysar. “We’re also trying out more environmentally-friendly packaging, doing a variety of things to reduce the amount of electricity we consume at the office, and moving to a paperless payroll system. We’ve also purchased carbon offset credits in order to make both and carbon-neutral websites.”

Busick said that while there’s only so much a gay porn company can do to improve the environment, Male Spectrum hopes that its efforts will serve to inspire similar actions on the part of the studio’s fans and customers and “produce a ripple effect of small but positive steps.”

“Every little bit helps,” Busick said. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the global environmental issues aren’t going to be a quick fix either, but there’s no time like the present for all of us to start doing our part.”

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