frankenstein_and_brideLOS ANGELES—I came into adult by accident (yeah, right!)… no, really… and have stayed for over ten years because it is interesting to write about, and because I have been able to make money here, albeit not a lot. But it was always a job and to the extent that I have been pulled into issues in an advocacy position, it has happened organically.

Take .XXX (please!). I had not thought about the idea before Jason Hendeles began his relentless harassment for my support in 1999-2000. Even then, I thought it was just another idea to make money. I became an opponent slowly, over time, and only because I was forced into the position. Now it is live. The first sites can be accessed. The monster lives.

The other news of the week is that Joan Irvine has quit ASACP, a supposed adult trade group whose mission is to protect children. I say supposed because I think ASACP has become a shell org for all intents and purposes, with no real purpose and no real value. It has some value in that it propagates its RTA label for sites to use, and that in turn sends a message that “adult does cares about kids.” But Joan knows full well that I was working on a label at FSC in 2004-5 when she was on the FSC Board while also the executive director of ASACP. It was then that she blindsided FSC with the announcement of RTA. The point is, either way, adult would have had its own label.

Joan is going to work for the .XXX people. She will now be the executive director of IFFOR, the group that is supposed to set policies for all .XXX domains. I knew that she was taking position with ICM, the registry that runs .XXX, but did not know it was that position or that she would quit. But it makes sense. Alec Helmy, the owner of XBIZ, says he was surprised by the news, but I do not believe him. I believe Joan has been angling for this position for well over a year, and probably applied for it well over a year ago.

No matter. The construction of a false facade at IFFOR has begun in earnest. The very real lies that have become the norm in this years long campaign to corral and control porn online continue. ASACP has been directly instrumental in the approval of .XXX, and the record is there to prove it. Joan thinks she has successfully buried the record, but she has not. It is quite possible, of course, that very few people care that a group (ASACP) that professes to represent the industry would so deceptively participate in such a large scale scheme to take their hard earned money from them, but nothing really surprises me anymore. I think people have bought into the ASACP sham for so long that they now have a vested interest in supporting Joan. I understand that. It’s hard to back off certain positions. People think I have an irrational hatred of .XXX, that I am “biased.” But I am not. What I know about these people, what I know they have done and will do if given the chance, I know. What I know are not opinions, and they are not shaded by feelings.

They are facts. The largest lies of all are on the way. More to come…They are facts. The largest lies of all are on the way. More to come…