The Free Speech Coalition is the only trade organization of its kind that fights for your right to freedom of sexual speech, whether you are the “speaker” or the “listener.”

As the trade association for the adult entertainment industry, The Free Speech Coalition’s mission is to lead, protect and support the growth and well-being of the adult entertainment community, which it accomplishes by:

* Being the legislative watchdog for the industry
* Lobbying
* Public education and communication
* Member education and communication
* As a last resort, litigation

But the significance of FSC goes far beyond its role as a watchdog and protector of the people and companies that produce adult entertainment. What it really fights against are those people who would telling you, as an adult, what you are able to see, hear or read. What it fights for is your continued abiltity to see, hear and read.

Since 1991, FSC has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with organizations and associations throughout the country, fighting for every American’s right to to freely deliver and receive expression. In courts throughout the country (and the world), as well as in the court of public opinion, it has made its influence felt in a culture war that always seems to come down to sex.

That is why, as a leader in that struggle, FSC deserves the support not only of people in the adult industry, but also the adults who consume and enjoy its products. Because these rights and these products do not protect themselves.

There’s loads more info at the FSC website, but please keep in mind that it is currently being overhauled and will in fact be launching soon. Also, in the irritating spirit of disclosure, Daily Babylon’s Tom Hymes is a former Communications Director (2004-6) and a current member of the Board of Directors of FSC. 🙂