craig_williamsVOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Drug dealers in Volusia County didn’t know who to turn to when a deal went sour and the men they were supposed to buy the pot from robbed them of $12,000 instead. So they called 911. reports that the two buyers went to a private home to purchase 20 pounds of marijuana, but when they arrived the suspects pulled guns and robbed them of their money, wallets and a cell phone, and then drove off. The victims followed in their car.

“I was just, I was just held at gunpoint trying to buy drugs,” one of the victim told the 911 operator. “We’re following the dude right now.” The operator cautioned them not to follow a car with people who had just pulled guns on them, but the victim protested.

“But he’s got my money,” he said. “I dont want him to get away with my money.” The victims eventually lost the other car.

Deputies responded to the call and Tuesday morning arrested Craig Williams (pictured) for armed robbery. The other suspect is still at large and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. The victims’ money was not recovered and they have not yet acquired their paid-for pot.