Unzipped magazine's August 2009 coverLOS ANGELES – The August issue of Unzipped magazine represents two firsts for publisher Unzipped Media: Comedienne Margaret Cho is the first woman and the first mainstream celebrity to appear on the cover. Cho is depicted dominating power top and notorious bad boy Ricky Sinz, a Raging Stallion Studios lifetime exclusive performer.

The August issue also represents Sinz’s first appearance on the cover of Unzipped. The shoot was accomplished by celebrity and fashion photographer Trevor O’Shana.

“What an exciting cover,” Raging Stallion (NSFW) President Chris Ward gushed. “Ricky Sinz has finally been put in his place, and it took Margaret Cho to do it. Ricky is a major talent, and he’s going to go very far in the entertainment industry. As for Ms. Cho, we are going to adopt her as our official Raging Stallion Super Bitch. We love her.”

Inside the August “Hot Issue,” Unzipped’s (NSFW) editors and staff explore new sex toys, iPhone apps, mainstream fashion finds like Rufskin Jeans and sex tips. In the cover story, Cho and Sinz open up with candor and what Publisher Dustin Tyner called “electric” sex appeal.

“Margaret Cho transcends sexual stereotypes,” he said. “The energy and sex appeal Margaret and Ricky bring to the article is amazing. The photos are electric, and we’re thrilled to have two iconic sexual adventurers on the cover of our ‘Hot Issue.’”

The August issue of Unzipped is scheduled to hit newsstands July 14. Excerpts from the interview and photos not included in the layout will be posted to the magazine’s blog at Unzipped.net (NSFW).